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About us

About our Company

Port de Soller Furniture is a limited company based in Alderley Edge, Cheshire which specialises in designer solid hardwood furniture pieces, and aims to bring to market the very best possible quality in design, materials and build.

Supported by a small showroom in Cheshire. The company is owned by two partners, who between them have more than 30 years senior management experience at some of the best known multiple retail brands in the UK. Having spent many years developing and sourcing products from around the world for large retailers, they decided to do it themselves by starting their own company, and Port de Soller Furniture was born.

Why buy Furniture from us ?

Port de Soller recognises that customers have a wide choice of furniture and home furnishings outlets to choose from in the UK, from budget flat-packed to bespoke premium priced. Our aim is to give our customers the choice to have the best of both worlds. All of our core range of wood Furniture pieces are hand crafted using some of the finest hardwood timbers available in the world market. We typically use premium solid hardwoods such as Walnut, Mahogany and Ash.

In addition to our Port de Soller premium hardwood furniture, we also offer some supplementary lower priced pieces. Our philosophy here is to offer our customers the option to buy beautiful, design led, well made Furniture and Home Accessories at accessible prices. You can be assured that these pieces are stylish, well made and offer great value for money.

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Fig. 1 above – Premium quality hardwood timbers are the basis for beautiful, solid and durable furniture pieces. All of our Furniture is fully assembled, and built to last. Many of our pieces are exclusive to Port de Soller, meaning that you will not find them anywhere else in the world.


Our Philosophy

We are able to achieve all of the above by remaining committed to our principle goal, which is to offer Beautiful, High Quality and Affordable furniture pieces. To enable this to be possible we invest a lot of time building strong relationships with a small number of high quality furniture manufacturing partners. We have manufacturing partners in Europe and Asia, and each of them share our values when it comes to the Beauty, Quality and Affordability. We develop partnerships with smaller factories, many of whom employ skilled craftsmen, and invest time in attention to detail during production. Most of our Furniture is hand crafted, and many of our pieces have unique and exclusive hand painted designs, which are individually painted by skilled artists.

image 42image 41image 39image 37

Fig. 2 above – Traditional methods in hand crafting, creating beautiful and unique pieces.


Design Influences

As Port de Soller Furniture continues to develop, it will  take design influences from the world over when it comes to developing its product offer. The ‘Port’ in the brand is intended to represent a gateway to a world of influences. In this respect, the product offer will become more eclectic over time, taking influences from all corners of the globe to create Traditional, Classic, Modern and Contemporary Furniture pieces.

We hope you find something of interest on our site. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to to know more about Port de Soller Furniture and its products.