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Saigon hand made cabinet with drawers cream with hand painted leaf design



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Hand Made from Solid Ash, this beautiful and elegant piece of furniture takes its influence from a by-gone era of the Orient. Flexible storage is provided by an internal shelf in the main cabinet and two drawers. Cream painted finish. Hand Painted unique leaf design.



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Product Description

The Saigon Cabinet with Drawers is handmade from Solid Ash. This beautiful and elegant piece of furniture takes its influence from a by-gone era of The Orient. The style and shape of the unit, with its distinctive brass bar lock handles is typical of high class Chinese Oriental Antique furniture. What is also typical is the thick, solid timbers used in making this piece which create a very sturdy piece of furniture which will stand the test of time.
Once the cabinet and drawer frames have been crafted, each piece is subject to fine sanding by hand. Once any imperfections have been removed, a stylish Cream paint finish is applied. and a stunning Leaf Design is painted onto each unit by hand. The finishing touch is a lacquered finish to give protection, and a natural looking sheen.

Flexible storage space provided by an internal shelf within the cabinet and two drawers.
All handles and hinges are made from high quality cast brass.
A truly beautiful piece of high quality classically styled, yet contemporary furniture that would create a real statement in any room of the home.
Fully Assembled.

Additional Information

Dimensions 43 × 48 × 61 cm

Solid Ash.

Cast Brass Handles and Hinges.

Fully Assembled Unit.

Height 69cm.

Width 61cm.

Depth 43cm.